Ways for an Amateur Sports Team to Raise Money

  1. Charge membership dues
  2. Make use of membership base to hold social events, music shows, etc; charge entry fee
  3. Put together bus trips to sporting events, include food, drink, etc; charge entry fee
  4. Acquire sponsorships from local businesses
  5. Sell apparel to the team, team family and community
  6. Start a bar game tournament (trivia, maybe beer pong), hold weekly sessions, charge either the players or the bar.
  7. Organize charity events (races, banquets, etc), split proceeds between charity and team
  8. Rent a table or booth at games and tournaments; sell food, or apparel, or both
  9. Have “guest bartender” nights at sponsored bar; member of the team tends bar, 10% of the take goes to the team (or something like that)
  10. Rent the team to the community, for a fee, spend a certain number of hours at someone’s disposal – maybe mowing a lawn, maybe weeding a garden, maybe cleaning out a garage, maybe running security at a birthday party of 11-year-olds.

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