Story Ideas

  1. Man loses his job. Plot follows his existential crisis, but is actually about world-building: he lives in an America that is different than our own in interesting ways. Shown, not told.
  2. Scientist/Artist team sets out to build a map that in fact is the territory; a perfect representation. They succeed, but the metaphysical implications drive them insane.
  3. A young married couple rides the Trans-Siberian Railway. The hours alone in the stark environment cause them to see each other in new ways. Maybe they split?
  4. A hobo in the year 4000. How does a hobo make do in a spacefaring society? Probably dies at the end.
  5. Some kind of thinly-veiled parable that exposes in a subtle, humorous and elegant way the immense bullshit that motivates homophobia.
  6. Mother and son engage corrupt local political machine. Scandals, drama, etc. Eventual victory.

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