Reasons Print Media Is Alive And Well

  1. Electronic media is only accessible to a certain part of the population; anyone who can read can pick up a book.
  2. There is something really nice about the tactile feel of a book or a newspaper.
  3. The costs of today’s electronic devices, in terms of resources per item, cannot scale in the way that paper goods can.
  4. You can’t fill the shelves on your bookshelf with digital files.
  5. Academic publishing houses would lose enormous amounts of money if textbooks auto-updated to the newest edition.
  6. Electronic media is still lacking when it comes to interesting design; you’re limited in terms of screen size, shape, etc.
  7. Electronic images can’t match a photo book; not yet. Maybe this is nostalgia.
  8. Paper comes from renewable resources; iPads come from non-renewable minerals.

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