Reasons Print Media is Dead

  1. Electronic publication is more environmentally sustainable, as each additional copy does not require additional material inputs
  2. As access to the internet becomes ubiquitous worldwide, material copies of literature will lose value and become anachronisms of an earlier age.
  3. Electronic literature takes up less space than paper.
  4. Electronic literature is more mobile than paper.
  5. Electronic literature can automatically update to new editions, saving end-consumers significantly, especially students purchasing textbooks.
  6. The cost to distribute paper literature is absurd compared to electronic literature.
  7. Advertisements in electronic media can be adjusted to suit the particular reader, rather than the readership in general, making ads more attractive and thus more valuable.
  8. The explosion of self-publication rewards electronic media; self-published works are more easily accessible to the electronic-based consumer, as many of these are printed to-order.
  9. As electronic media becomes available on more devices (phones, tablets, computers, TVs, etc), the audience will become broader and broader.
  10. The best and fastest forms of news today exist only on the Internet; blogs, Twitter, etc. To be well-informed one must read digitally.

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