Ways to Make an Amateur Sports Team a Part of the Community

  1. Take part in local races (5ks, adventure races, etc), as a team, in team gear. Be polite, friendly & gregarious.
  2. Attend charity events, as a team, in team gear. Be polite and friendly.
  3. Donate time to community projects as a team, visibly.
  4. Create a snow crew that can shovel out their neighbors; make door-tags or something to let folks know who cleared their driveway.
  5. Go to local concerts and shows, making it visible the team’s identity and presence.
  6. Go for team runs through populated areas in matching gear.
  7. Sponsor low-cost charity events (races, dinners, etc)
  8. Put out press releases to build the team’s brand
  9. Use the team’s social media to interact with other local entities
  10. Make well-designed apparel that will appeal to folks not on the team. Sell them!

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