4/3/2012 Brew

Random Brew Recipe:  53g coffee / 1 kg water, 6 minute brew time.

Brew Method: French Press
Actual Recipe: 53g coffee, 1 kg water at 202F
Coffee: Costa Rica Tarrazu, in-house fluid air bed roasted (aka popcorn popper)

Notes notes notes: Unimpressive! The IHFABR is challenging. Could it be the air flow? The quantity of green coffee? The open window? The closed window? It is just not well roasted coffee, and as such the brew can only be ok. I suspect that it’s time to crack open the IHFABR and bypass the thermostat – because usually whencoffee isn’t all it could be, side-stepping a safety feature is the first move.

If this is my final entry, know I died as I lived – dangerously.

It’s a bit nutty, a little cocoa at the finish, but mostly it tastes bready and vegetal. Definitely under-roasted. The brew recipe itself does not seem to have provided any negative affects – which is a little surprising, given the 50% longer brew time than I’d usually use. My brew times have been a little long lately from the RBG, and I’ve been surprised at how little negative impact it has been having. Perhaps I’ve been speeding through brews that just needed a little more time to open up.

I’d give it a 5/10. Tastes of too-light a roast and shame. The recipe would be closer to 7/10 with better coffee, I suspect.

2 thoughts on “4/3/2012 Brew

  1. All my popper attempts were too fast of a roast and if I let it go any longer the smoke would set off my alarm. Not a good thing in this building of X # of people. I also tried the HGDB (heat gun dog bowl) method with the same issue. The idea being that I could delay the roast manually by holding the gun further or closer to the coffee. Brought some to a cupping, never worked out. If you want to borrow a heat gun let me know 🙂

    1. The sheer amount of ways folks find to roast coffee astonishes me. I have spent whole afternoons looking at the sweet maria’s forums

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