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Two Notes from ‘Quiet’

In reading Susan Cain’s ‘Quiet,’ recommended by my colleagues Paul and Gus (and others), there have been two notable takeaways for me. I’m only about eighty pages in, and I’ve learned a lot about introversion and how society works (or fails to work) for folks who think that way.

Like anyone, though, when I have a hammer, all I see are nails. Two neat things I’ve picked up:

The Bus to Abilene:

…a family sitting on a porch in Texas on a hot summer day, and somebody says, ‘I’m bored. Why don’t we go to Abilene?’ When they get to Abilene, somebody says, ‘You know, I didn’t really want to go.’ And the next person says, ‘I didn’t want to go–I thought you wanted to go,’ and so on. Whenever you’re in an army group and somebody says, ‘I think we’re getting on the bus to Abilene here,’ that is a red flag. You can stop a conversation with it. It is a very powerful artifact of our [the army’s] culture.

I’m guilty of this, both as the suggestion-giver and the go-along-with participant. Having a name for it will be helpful in the future.

Solitude and Creativity:

If solitude is an important key to creativity – then we might all want to develop a taste for it. We’d want to teach our kids to work independently. We’d want to give employees plenty of privacy and autonomy. Yet increasingly we do just the opposite.

This resonates with me as coming from the same place that inspired Solitude in Leadership, a piece I’ve written about in the past. Even as someone who waffles between introversion and extroversion, I appreciate and value time spent alone, sometimes in quiet reflection, sometimes daydreaming.

Wine Blogger’s Conference 2015

Hi there Wine Bloggers!

Thank you so much for coming to my talk today – I hope you found it useful! If you’re in my talk right this minute, you can follow along with my slides here. If you’re active on Twitter, I’d love to follow you back. I am also, like all humans in 2014, on LinkedIn.

As promised, if you’d like a PDF version of the Most Important Thing exercise or the Mobile Readiness Checklist, you can find them here:

The Most Important Thing

The Mobile Readiness Checklist

Here is a link to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. The resources on that page are an outstanding resource.

If you found my talk interesting and would like to learn more, here are some places to start:

If you found my talk interesting but wish it had moar code, I can’t recommend highly enough Brad Frost’s This is Responsive github site.