Salary Transparency Debate Tonight

This is going to be a pretty weird evening, you guys.

I was invited (somehow) to be one of the guests for PBS’ Point Taken pre-show Twitter Debate.

(Has there ever been a more 2016 sentence written?)

Their episode tonight is on Salary Transparency, which, as many of you know, I have opinions about.

The other guests, who I expect will be mopping the floor with me intellectually, are Marcie Bianco, Lauren Voswinkel, and Fatima Goss Graves.

This whole experience will be an outstanding opportunity for humility, at least on my part.  Please do feel free to Tweet comical and sarcastic asides at me while I try to look like a real professional.

The Twitter piece goes from 10P – 11P EDT, and the show itself airs tonight at 11P EDT. You can watch it here.

2 thoughts on “Salary Transparency Debate Tonight

    1. Thanks Chrissie! I am assuming it will go the same way my not-on-Twitter debates go – that is, probably fine, followed by days of second guessing myself 🙂

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