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Wine Blogger’s Conference 2015

Hi there Wine Bloggers!

Thank you so much for coming to my talk today – I hope you found it useful! If you’re in my talk right this minute, you can follow along with my slides here. If you’re active on Twitter, I’d love to follow you back. I am also, like all humans in 2014, on LinkedIn.

As promised, if you’d like a PDF version of the Most Important Thing exercise or the Mobile Readiness Checklist, you can find them here:

The Most Important Thing

The Mobile Readiness Checklist

Here is a link to Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. The resources on that page are an outstanding resource.

If you found my talk interesting and would like to learn more, here are some places to start:


If you found my talk interesting but wish it had moar code, I can’t recommend highly enough Brad Frost’s This is Responsive github site.

Huge Thanks to Olark


Huge thanks to Olark (our live chat provider at Automattic) for inviting me to speak at their first ever Customers For The Win event at Boston’s We Work coworking space. I was in town for An Event Apart, and it was a real treat to meet their crew and talk a little bit about stealing ideas from the Toyota Production System. You can see my slides here, and I hope to have a video soon.

It was great to meet all the fine folks at Olark, as well as finally connect with some other folks I’ve chatted with in the Support Driven Slack Channel. If you ever have a chance to give a flash talk on a topic you’re excited about, make like Nike, and just do it!

More Speaking Resources!


In my ongoing quest to find and share resources to make myself and others better speakers, I sometimes find things that are useful, helpful, or just interesting. Here are two things I’ve recently come upon that have moved the needle on my presentation game: specifically how I build slide decks and what I put in them.

10 Tips on How to Make Slides from the folks at TED – if anyone knows anything about great slides, it’s TED.

In pursuit of their sixth tip, Use photos that enhance meaning, I’d like to introduce you to a resource I borrowed from Dave – a collection of collections, a meta-collection if you will: Stock Photos That Don’t Suck.

The featured image on this Post is from that list, specifically from New Old Stock.