How to Build a Catering Business

  1. Find a niche, excel and delight customers who appreciate that niche.
  2. Submit your food/drink to local competitions, show up and be sociable regardless of the outcome
  3. Donate product and time to charity events, either in the form of food for the event or gift certificates for auction, etc.
  4. Collaborate with other small businesses: cater their holiday party, or summer picnic
  5. Take out other caterers for coffee or a beer: become friendly, actively pass them business that doesn’t fit your company
  6. Charge appropriately for your services and goods: know that you’re worth it!
  7. Become a local expert in some part of food or hospitality: write in to the paper, contact your local public radio station, let them know you’d be happy to speak on air.
  8. Offer discounts for referrals and for the referring party.

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