Ways to Retain Membership in an Amateur Sports Club

  1. Always remember that it’s a value proposition: your membership’s time is valuable, so the team has to offer at least as much value in return. That value can take many forms.
  2. Some folks just want to play: no amount of social interaction or other stuff will keep them coming back. This may seem obvious, but your team should play, and play competitively.
  3. Some folks want to get in shape: you can show them value with regular, well-run practices and other workout opportunities.
  4. Some folks just want to be a part of something: having a lively social component of your group will go a long way toward keeping them around.
  5. Most people are a mix of 2, 3 and 4. Try to appeal to them in more than one way.
  6. Joining a new organization can be scary; encourage your existing members to greet and get to know any and all newcomers at any events. It may be worth designating someone to take the lead on this.
  7. Get your organization to create value on the internet: create a LinkedIn group and invite every member, even if it’s their first practice. Encourage professional participation through this group.
  8. Create a culture of welcoming newcomers: especially in contact sports, it’s very easy for folks to fall into a culture of toughness and behave in an aloof way toward newcomers. Crossfit does this right: everyone shakes your hand and introduces themselves.
  9. Remember that a successful team has to have far more players than just the starting side: a wide base makes everything easier. This means that there has to be value for those players as well.

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