Why a New Business Should Focus on Small Customers

  1. A large collection of small customers means that losing a single customer is not devastating to your business.
  2. Building a product to appeal to a wide range of customers within an industry will force you to create broadly appealing features.
  3. Building a product to appeal to a wide range of customers will expose your product to many use cases, and speed future product development through feedback.
  4. Smaller businesses are more likely to provide direct connections to the higher-ups within the company; rather than a part of a bureaucratic chain, you’ll be interacting with someone who genuinely cares for their company.
  5. Interacting with smaller businesses means, largely, interacting with newer businesses, giving you access to and the insights of cutting-edge work.
  6. Interacting with a large number of smaller customers will expose you to a greater number of ways of doing business, making you a better businessperson in the process.
  7. Selling to a larger number of groups will force you to sharpen your pitch, and to really consider your customer’s individual needs and expectations.
  8. Focusing on smaller companies will allow you to remain focused on a particular geographic region, which may be part of your overall vision. Think Local, right?

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