Ways to Use Technology to Make Gardening Easier

  1. Use Google Calendar to outline your planting times, indoor and outdoor, as well as fertilizing schedule, harvesting schedule, etc.
  2. Use a spreadsheet to track your current crop as well as notes from season to season. I prefer Google Drive for this sort of thing.
  3. Communicate with other gardeners and growers across the world on message boards, social media, etc. Any question you might have is either answered, or someone out there is happy to answer it.
  4. Check out the cooperative extensions of agricultural schools in your hardiness Zone – Cornell’s is great for Upstate NY!
  5. Use a modern soaker hoses combined with a fertilizer system to irrigate your garden.
  6. Use a hose timer to automate your watering schedule
  7. Create a Bluetooth device & associated software for hose timing that takes local weather conditions into consideration and adjusts waterings appropriately – even while you’re surfing in Costa Rica
  8. Review your hand tool options – I was astonished at the variety and quality of hand tools out in the world – Johnny’s has some good examples.
  9. Get heating pads and proper indoor lighting for your indoor seedlings: your final product will only be as good as your preparation.
  10. Use your phone camera to take photos of weeds, plant disease, or flowers, and then use Google Image Search to identify them.
  11. Construct a tiny drone with an adorable machine gun to kill vermin and other pests

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