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Holacracy, Flat Hierarchy, and You

subtitled; Knowledge Workers are still Workers


I will start by warning you that this is a fairly long piece for this blog, and earnest. You’ll find no animated GIFs beyond.

What I Read to Get Here
I recently read a pair of articles, one about Medium’s internal structure, and one about the new internal structure at Zappos. This is interesting because both of these companies are signing on for a new idea; Holacracy.

I’ll be referring to both of those articles and the Holacracy site and wiki. I’ll try to use quotations liberally so that you don’t have to read those pieces if you don’t want to – I’ll keep them in context, and I won’t try to make the quotes say or mean things that they don’t. Even so, for the full picture, you should read at least the two articles yourself.

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