Milestone and New Project

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This week my little web log hit 200 Followers – plus two email followers (Thanks Mom!) – what a shock that is to me, and I am humbled and excited to know you all are out there. Thank you so much for following me, and I hope you continue to enjoy (or at least tolerate) what I’m putting out in the universe.

Also, while I have your attention, please note in the sidebar a new Page – “Standing Invitation,” which I have copied wholesale from Patrick McKenzie – whose blog you should also follow. The invitation? If you want to talk about craft agriculture or technology, and you’re within a reasonable distance of me, I will buy you a coffee. That’s it!

Last thing: I’ve started a side project, the Hopcast. It’s an interview-format podcast where I talk with hop farmers, brewers and other folks involved in the seed-to-pint-glass chain about how we can improve the state of local agriculture in the craft beer movement. Please do follow that, if it sounds interesting.

Thanks again! You all are the best.

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