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Worth Reading: This Is Water

In chatting tonight with The Doctor, we both remarked on a number of essays or articles or other pieces of wordsmithery that we found rewarding to go back and read again, in a different time, for a different sort of reward. I’m going to go ahead and share those works here, when they arise, and when they seem especially important to my life or to events that involve us all.

Or, maybe, for no reason whatsoever.

The first is an essay that I first read thanks to Tim Kreider, about the way we think. I’ve since given it to anyone who will have it, including over one hundred philosophy students at CCRI (who I guess technically I was forcing to read it). What can I say about David Foster Wallace that hasn’t been said?

Whether you know him or not, you should read This Is Water, especially in times where it feels like negativity is starting to outpace positivity in your brainpan. It’s a graduation speech, and it’s worth reading, and re-reading.