Looking Forward: 2016 and Beyond

Looking Forward: 2016 and Beyond

I figure I’ll put together a 2015 recap soon – there are a lot of calendars and old Posts and such to dig through before I really have a great grasp on what the year really was about.

What I’m doing here is putting together a quick bullet-point list of things I’d like to put on my big-picture to-do list for 2016, or at least the first half of 2016. I figure I’ll hash these out in greater detail as they become more focused, but for now I think an outline of how I’d like 2016 to go is appropriate.

Big Picture:

  • Have perpetual, recurring, family activities. Swim classes, regular rituals, etc.
  • Eat more, better food.
  • Make fitness a practice and not a means to an end.
  • Focus on fewer things, more deeply.

More measurable:

  • Produce side revenue of ~50% of my take-home salary.
  • Release an interview every Thursday.
  • Do at least 2 more 30 Day Challenges (maybe with d3? more R? Python?)
  • Publish twice weekly on s12k, focusing on remote work and remote leadership, with an average word count of > 500 words

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