Thinking About TechMore

After my conversation with the Chair of the Business and Management Department at Skidmore College, I have quite a bit of brainstorming and reaching out to do – not to mention actually figuring out what it is I’m trying to create.

It seems like the vibrant tech worker community in Saratoga Springs and the student body at Skidmore are a match waiting to happen: the question is, what should the final product look like? Here are some important pieces I’d like to hit:

  1. Applicable and welcoming to non-business & non-computer science students. Both because they make up the majority of Skidmore students and because I was such a student.
  2. Beneficial in both directions: this has to be a symbiotic relationship in order to be appealing and sustainable for both sides.
  3. Fit into the existing infrastructure: it shouldn’t take an act of Congress to find a place for this program to fit – it should mesh with existing institutions and programs at Skidmore.

In order to hit these first three pieces, I need to do some research – mostly in finding out what the existing career development and tech ecosystems at Skidmore are like. I’ve sent some emails out to additional members of the faculty and staff – here goes nothing!

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