Internal and External Service

When we think about service and support, it is very easy to think only of our customers, of the folks who have purchased our products or processes – we answer their questions, ensure their happiness, and so forth.

It’s worth considering that we cannot provide excellent service to our customers without first providing excellent service to one another – it’s always been my position that the very best way to serve a customer is not to put them first. Rather, there are a few groups of people who must be served with excellence and hospitality before we even reach our customers. In a restaurant, these are your vendors and your co-workers. This is sometimes called internal service – as opposed to customer-facing support or service, which would be external service.

This mindset applies to any business, especially in the tech sector – if your internal communications are flawed, if you don’t have a culture of mutual respect and support, it is impossible to extend really excellent hospitality toward your customers. 

2 thoughts on “Internal and External Service

  1. Well said. I try to see bad customer service experiences as a sign of a flaw in the systems of the company or the culture created.

    1. Disappointed customers are almost always the result of misplaced expectations – it is our job not just to help them when they’re disappointed, but to work hard to set up expectations and understandings in the right way.

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