Things to Do With Your Old Smartphone

  1. Donate it to Hopeline, an organization that provides cell phones to victims of domestic violence.
  2. Use it as a Universal Remote, tying in with your Apple TV or CPU-driven entertainment system. I once used Unified Remote.
  3. Save it for the inevitable night you drink too much boxed wine and drop your new one in the toilet.
  4. Load it with kid-friendly apps and games and use it as a digital babysitter for your local scalawags, young cousins, and eventual spawn.
  5. Repurpose it as an extremely high-functioning alarm clock or digital photo frame.
  6. Keep it in your glove box (fully charged and turned off) in case of emergencies.
  7. Sell it on eBay
  8. Trade it for something truly bizarre on your local Craigslist. NB: Adding “interesting trades considered” will lead you down a strange path.
  9. Use it to donate processing power to World Community Grid, which helps pursue a number of scientific goals, like mapping genetic cancer markers. If you want, you can even exchange that donated time for XRP.
  10. Leave it in a drawer for six months, then throw it away.

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