Ways to Make Money on the Crypto Currency Boom Without Buying Crypto Currencies

  1. Start trading pools, undercut existing fees, promote.
  2. Create, promote, and sell altcoin lifestyle items (shirts, clever USB keys, etc)
  3. Create easy to use mining software, sell relatively cheaply.
  4. Create educational products for those interested but intimidated by mining.
  5. Combine #3 & #4 above.
  6. Create a Yelp-type user-review site for mining pools.
  7. Offer secure escrow services for altcoins.
  8. Create a collateral & loan system that accepts altcoins in exchange for short term access to liquid capital. Charge a premium.
  9. Start a series of Enterprise-targeted workshops, “Understanding Altcoins.”
  10. Create a clearinghouse where organizations with excess hash power can rent their server time to interested miners.
  11. Create a small-time lobbying organization to draw political attention to the growth of altcoins.

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