3/28/2012 Brew

Random Brew Recipe:  77g coffee / 1 kg water, 2 minute brew time.

Brew Method: French Press
Actual Recipe: 77g coffee, 1000g water at 198F
Coffee: New Harvest Coffee Roasters’ Whisper Espresso

Notes notes notes: Boom! This coffee hit hard. Even with the reduced brew time, the upped dosage of a blend intended for espresso via a French Press was a bold choice. It was a hearty cup for sure, but rather than the sweetness and creamy body of the espresso, it was a punch of underextracted sourpatch kids.

It’s probably too obvious to say, but I’m surprised at how different coffees are more or less flexible across random parameters. As an espresso, Whisper is incredibly forgiving, offering interesting notes through brew ratios of 1:1 – 1:1.5,  all the way up to 1:2 sometimes. I’ve had this coffee in drip form and really enjoyed it. Anecdotally, my own preferences seem to lean toward acceptance of subtle and delicate tastes (what some might call weak or underdeveloped?) but a bit put off by intense ristretto or sour flavors.

The Random Brew Generator has much to teach, it would seem!

I’d give the brew a 6/10. Just didn’t do it for me.

Hopedale, MA tomorrow for Q retakes!

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