WordCamp Saratoga Email

November 21, 2015 is the NYS Capital Region’s only tech conference dedicated to WordPress, the software behind nearly a quarter of all websites.

Do you have a WordPress site? WordCamp Saratoga has a world-class lineup of speakers and a house full of professionals who are interested in making this a valuable experience. At only $20, this is the biggest and best return on your conference dollar that you’re going to see all year, period.

We have 10 amazing speakers lined up to speak in two tracks, intended for folks who are comfortable writing code and folks who just want their site to work, and work great. Our speakers work locally and they work nationally. We have highly successful freelancers and we have folks who work at the mother of all WordPress sites, WordPress.com.

You can check out the speakers and buy a ticket here: https://saratoga.wordcamp.org/2015/

Can’t wait to see you!

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