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Considering Bernie


TL:DR – go to http://www.considerbernie.com and share it with your friends. Thanks!

As some of you know, I am mildly obsessed with the prospect of Bernie Sanders, United States Senator from Vermont, making a run for the Democratic nomination for the Presidential election in 2016.

When Bernie officially announced, and this is serious, I called his office in Washington, I called his office in Burlington, I emailed every email address on his website, and I posted to Reddit, hoping to use my weird collection of internet and technology skills to work for his campaign – Google Analytics? Done. Growth engineering? Give me the keys to Optimizely and _get out of the way_.

I never heard back. I was, and am, seriously disappointed. As an employed tech professional offering a valuable skillset for $0, it’s a real bummer to make a genuine, heartfelt effort and have it fall upon deaf ears.

So, I built a thing: www.considerbernie.com – it’s a simple WP site that displays different reasons on each refresh. Reasons, that is, to consider Bernie!

So check it out – if you think it could use some work, let me know, I’m happy to make it better. If you like it, let’s get some legs on this thing, maybe I’ll finally hear back from the campaign!