Help Me Help Bernie

Hi Jeff.

My name is Simon, and I work for Automattic, specifically on, where millions of folks host websites and we work every day to democratize publishing on the Internet.

I am wholly inspired by Bernie Sanders. I want to volunteer for the campaign. I want literally zero dollars.

I analyze data. I break apart databases with R and Python. I visualize information in usable ways. I find insights out of huge Google Analytics data dumps. I can help you understand and improve your traffic, exposure, and message. I want to work on your growth team, or your social media team, or whatever you all are calling those folks.

The fact that you’re here at all should communicate that I’m serious.

I know you all have farmed out at least some of this work to a marketing agency. If you’re doing anything in-house, or if they’re interested in me hooking into their existing work, I’m game. I want to contribute in any way I can. Seriously.

I want to help. I am here to help. Please get in touch. You can reach me at simon (at)

Thanks Jeff.

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