Happiness Mastermind Group & Personal Mission Statement

One of the great things about living in the future is the rapid dissemination of information – for example, my colleague Dustin turned me on to the podcast Entrepreneur on Fire, which in turn lead me to learning more about Mastermind groups – and to eventually start one with some of my Happiness Engineer colleagues at Automattic.

We’ve only met once, though our second meeting will be in-person at next week’s Grand Meetup. The goal of our particular Mastermind group is accountability and goal-setting: in a company like Automattic, it’s easy to get caught up in the many, many ongoing projects and iterations. Having a group prepared to listen to one another’s goals and hold each other accountable will, I think, really bear a lot of fruit.

Our goals individually are interestingly broad; I’m taking a course in Google Analytics that I’d like to have finished by our next meeting, others in the group are building things using JavaScript or putting together entire WordPress Themes – the important thing is that we are moving forward and helping one another to accomplish our goals.

One piece of that that we discussed in our first meeting you can already see, above: we asked one another “What is your personal mission statement? Your broader vision for yourself?”

(This turns out to be a harder question than I had expected!)

In the end, I think my vision for myself is this; to use my background in operations management, as well as growth engineering principles, to revolutionize the way hospitality is done on the internet.

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