On communication within a distributed team

On communication within a distributed team

My colleague Paolo reflects on how communication works within a distributed team, and the import of removing yourself (and your ego!) from the bottleneck process.

Paolo Belcastro

A team can be distributed in many different ways, one of the biggest differentiating factors being the distance between team members, wether they are located in different cities, countries, but most important: different time zones.

While time difference has some very positive side effects, like making it possible to reach 24h/day coverage without actually asking people to work at night, it also happens to be one of the biggest changes to adjust to, as some team members’ working hours may only overlap shortly, or not at all.

Enters: async communication.

Which tools you use doesn’t really matter, almost any communication tool can be converted to work asynchronously, what matters is changing expectations, and accept the idea that your messages won’t get an immediate answer, but a delayed one, most of the time.

The adjustments you need to make to get that to work properly are actually very beneficial to your…

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