Nick Cho Kalita Brewing Video

If you’re reading this you’ve probably seen this already. I’ve watched it twice, I think a third viewing is called for. 

Initial thoughts: 

– 207F seems hot! I’m curious about slurry temp. 

– I’m surprised to see NC filling the brewer so high; my approach (admittedly using V60, Chemex, not Kalita) has been to keep the coffee bed about the same size as the final bloom, pour slowly and carefully, and allow internal water currents to wet the full bed. This is to reduce the pour agitation. It looks like NC has taken the opposite approach; rather than reduce agitation to combat its effect, he tries to create it in an intentional way. 

– A coarser grind does not alone usually yield a much deeper bed; is NC suggesting that a coarser grind and a higher dose is generally preferable to a finer grind and a smaller dose, at least with the Kalita? Could the increased agitation of the pour shown work better with a coarser grind? 

– At what point does the quality of the grinder come into play when thinking about quantity of fines? I’m especially curious about conical vs. flat burr grinders, especially given the double-bump of some grinders. 

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