3/26/2012 Brew

Random Brew Recipe:  45g coffee / 1 kg water, 5 minute brew time.

Brew Method: Clever
Actual Recipe: 20g coffee, 445g water at 198F
Coffee: Costa Rica Tarrazu, in-house fluid air bed roasted (aka popcorn popper)

Notes notes notes: This is about 1/3 less coffee than I would usually use, and about 1-2 minutes longer than I would brew with for a Clever. One thing this random brew generator has gotten me to is an appreciation for the hugely variable ways in which coffee can taste good. Not great, or life-changing, but just good.

I would have anticipated this cup being thin and unpleasant – and the body is lacking, surely, but it is only unpleasantly so during its warmest stages – as it cools the body remains unremarkable but a bit of sweetness comes out, and it rounds out the finish in a really nice way. A bit nutty, a little caramel near the end – this cup is not great art. It’s not direct traded and I don’t have any idea what I’m doing with the IHFABR (that’s in-house fluid air bed roaster), at least not yet – but this cup is still good. I’ll finish it.

I’d give it a 7/10. Not awful, and not life-changing, but totally OK.

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