Your Classic New Year’s Post

2017 was a huge year for me and the Doc and the kids!

My kids turned three and one, and are starting to become little people with their own opinions and positions – they are also developing a complex relationship with one another which I had for some reason totally failed to expect until it came into sudden and sharp focus.

My wife, the Doc, has received tenure! Associate Professor no more, she has a new name badge on her office door and a continued bright professional future. I am so proud of her, even as this accomplishment is staggering for me to consider: she’s spent practically the whole of her professional life working toward this goal. When she started graduate school, ostensibly the first step toward tenure, I was still an undergraduate. This is the culmination of more work than all of the work I’ve done. She’s amazing.

I moved into this new role at – from leading a Happiness Team, to now this more data focused role with our (still pretty new!) Marketing team. The job title is Data Analyst but, like any job at a startup, I have plenty of hats. Adjusting my mindset from leading humans to writing SQL has been a challenge, but a great opportunity for growth as well.

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year: it will mark my fifth anniversary at and Automattic, which I’ll be able to celebrate by taking a 3-month paid sabbatical in late summer / early fall.

I think, in 2018, I would like to try to spend some time leaning into being more of a light bulb: I’ve found success in focus, in great focus and goal-setting and the fairly standard practices there.

I’ve always felt a certain drive to be significant, to try to be a Big Fish in whatever capacity I can – in 2018 I think I’ll try to be OK as a Small Fish. Doing my work well, contributing thoughtfully without fanfare. Rather than shouting, focus on listening. Try to really embrace the role of the student. That sort of thing.

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