3/14/2012 Brew

Random Brew Recipe:  78g coffee / 1 kg water at 1:00 brew time

Brew Method: Hario V60 using an American Coffee Trader cloth filter
Actual Recipe: 23g coffee, 300g water @ 198F
Coffee: New Harvest Coffee Roasters’ El Salvador Santa Rita Chalatenango

Notes notes notes: Using the V60, I applied the total brew time to my pour time. This doesn’t leave time for my usual bloom & wait technique, or much of anything except not overfilling the cone. I used the cloth filter knowing that it generally nudged dwell time up a bit, as well as grinding a bit finer than I usually would for this brew method (Big Espresso on a BUNN bulk grinder). 1:00 pour time, draw down finished by 1:28.

I’d give this recipe a 4 /10. It has so much less character than I would like. The interesting parts are very subtle and difficult to find, especially if I hadn’t had this coffee before. Tasting this brew combination, it isn’t surprising that people put milk and sugar in their coffee: why not? The coffee isn’t doing anything interesting on its own. Also, anecdotally, I suspect these parameters are quite close to what my mother-in-law uses with her Keurig fill-your-own-cup K-Cup.Very little in the way of aroma in this cup. I’d give it a 6.5 with no intensity on the SCAA form. It smells like coffee, but not like much coffee and certainly not the bouquet from yesterday. It is fine but not good; thin but not terribly so, with no flavors up front. It slowly ramps into a soft chocolate, a little berry (which admittedly I’m looking for). The finish is a long dry rise, bergamot-y, and not in a great way. I’ll admit, I expected this to manifest in a much more negative way toward the end, but it doesn’t have that awful dry bitterness I would have expected from these parameters.

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